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Authority Brands brand acquisition timeline from 1971 to 2022

Since our founding, we’ve grown by inviting strong brands to join the family, and most of those brands were acquired directly from their founders. In fact, many founders joined the Authority Brands family, staying onboard to keep guiding their creation to new heights, while some founders went on to pursue new dreams. Each acquisition transition is different, and like every part of our business, we pride ourselves on collaborating to chart the best path.

Stewart Vernon, Executive Vice President of Emerging Brands Stewart Vernon, Executive Vice President of Emerging Brands
 Stewart Vernon is a born entrepreneur. He founded ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company with a $500 award after college. Since then, he’s steered the brand through expansion and franchising and has built a company with $91 million in systemwide sales.

Stewart is still the COO of ASP, but he has another passion—helping aspiring entrepreneurs realize their full potential. As the leader of our Emerging Brands program, Stewart leads promising brands through an accelerated growth process that he knows very well.

“Starting from the bottom as a young entrepreneur has inspired me to help other entrepreneurs. Seeing the growth of our franchise owners is truly satisfying.”

Scaling up your business is a major undertaking, but with Authority Brands’ systems, and Stewart’s careful guidance, emerging brands are set up to take over their markets.

The Best is Yet to Come for Your Brand—And You!

The brands we acquire are special, and the founders and owners are to thank for that. Founders are an integral part of how Authority Brands grows and develops all our brands. The perspective of a founder and that expertise is valuable to our leaders and our business owners. Authority Brands is just as interested in learning from founders as we are in scaling a business quickly to take it from good to great.

We deeply value the work founders and owners have done to make a company strong, and we invite you to make your next step one what works best for you. Whether it’s celebrating your success and moving on to the next project, or staying involved as a leader, you help decide what acquisition looks like.

You’ve Set It Up, We’ll Scale It Up

For years, you’ve shouldered the pressure of building your brand. But there’s a certain level of achievement you just can’t reach alone. We founded Authority Brands to provide a platform that would give growing brands access to the resources of a much larger business. Critical systems like IT, HR, and marketing are handled by best-in-class professionals, so that franchise owners can keep all their focus on providing best-in-class service. With Authority Brands focused on making business efficient and scalable, each brand can level up.

We believe wholeheartedly in our brands—that’s why so many of our leaders are also franchise owners. Our leaders have more than 240 years of franchising experience, and many of them, including our CEO, are proud franchise owners. We live and breathe in this system, and we know what you have on the line.

Why We Love Our Brands

As the preeminent authority on whole-home care, repair and maintenance services, we’re always looking to add new brands that meet our investment criteria. The brands that really appeal to us all have three things in common:

  • They’re market leaders. These brands are at the top of their field, or we know they could be with the benefits that come from joining Authority Brands.
  • There’s a low disruption risk. Our brands provide essential services that will always require local, trained professionals.
  • They have strong unit economics. We seek out brands that will allow franchise owners to build successful, stable businesses.

If you’re a founder or owner and want to learn more about joining the Authority Brands family, contact us.

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