COO Summer Reading Book Club

This week we're checking in with the COOs of two of our brands to get their take on which books franchise owners should have on their summer reading lists. 

Jennifer Tucker, Chief Operating Officer of Homewatch CareGivers

Book Club Pick: Traction (Get a Grip on Your Business) by Gino Wickman

This book helps the business owner organize her thinking around a business—what is the purpose, what are your values, how to determine 1-, 3- and 10-year objectives and how are you going to get there.

The section on people (who you are going to grow your business with) is fantastic. Who you want on your team in year 1 likely isn’t necessarily who helps you get it to the next level in year 4, for example. Assessing your people around your company values is a tough exercise, but absolutely critical. The People Component chapter has led our corporate leadership to move team members into other roles that play better to their strengths and sometimes it has meant saying goodbye to staff who are no longer the best fit so they can reach their full potential and be more successful elsewhere.

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Scott Hilary, Chief Operating Officer of Monster Tree Service

Book Club Pick: Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, MD

​Who Moved My Cheese is a short book that discusses change and how your attitude towards change can lead you down different ​paths. Often a franchise owner may be in the position of starting their first small business, which can be a huge change both professionally and personally. How you approach that change will ultimately determine your success or failure.

Why you should read it:

  • It’s an easy read—anyone can read this in a short period of time
  • It’s about real life and the lessons can easily be applied to your own life
  • The book takes people out of their comfort zone and challenges them to think about change in their life.

Takeaway Lessons:

  • Thinking too much about change can be paralyzing
  • Nothing lasts forever, so expect change
  • Keep moving and thinking

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