Hazael Pareja: DoodyCalls Franchise Owner of the Year 2022

Authority Brands' 2023 Convention brought all of our brands together in one place to learn, grow, and celebrate. As the year winds to a close, we are highlighting the Franchise Owners of the Year for 2022, who were honored on the last night of Convention.

Here's what DoodyCalls Brand Leader Larry Amos had to say about Owner of the Year Hazael Pareja: 

"It is our pleasure to announce Hazael Pareja as our Franchisee of the Year. Hazael defines our core values and has continued to enhance our system through his vision, purpose, and resilience. His story resonates with so many of us, and his determination pushes all the limits! Born in Lima, Peru, Hazael moved to the United States in 2011 at the age of 14 and set into motion his American dream – own a business! While attending college, he began working several odd jobs, including a Field Technician position with DoodyCalls in Fairfax VA.

During his 3 years working as a Technician, Hazael continued to learn about the business, dive deep into understanding our services and educate himself on the world of franchising. It was during this time, and due to that focused determination that Hazael went on to become the first Field Technician in DoodyCalls 20+ years of history to transition from Field Technician to Franchisee! Hazael, at the age of 23, launched the DoodyCalls brand in San Antonio TX in 2021.

Packed with a bunch of determination and enthusiasm, Hazael drove the 1,580 miles from Fairfax VA to San Antonio TX. Leaving his family in VA, he started his new life and the new chapter in San Antonio. In less than 2 years, Hazael went on to acquire the Austin TX territory. Today, he is our Franchisee of both Austin and San Antonio TX. Who knows what the next 2 years may bring?

Hazael inspires us. He leads with passion, persistence, collaboration, respect, and a sense of “we can do this” – or “I WILL do this”! Today, Hazael is an active member of our Marketing Advisory Council, he has referred new candidates to join the franchising system and is in the process of taking on his next territory (number 3 in less than 5 years) in Albuquerque NM! He challenges us all to see what can be done in a short amount of time, with the right focus, courage, and determination – there are no limits!

Please join me and our Doody Team as we celebrate and find ourselves inspired by the energy and the values of Mr. Hazael Pareja!"