Jeff DeCoste: The Cleaning Authority's Franchise Owner of the Year 2022

Authority Brands' 2023 Convention brought all of our brands together in one place to learn, grow, and celebrate. As the year winds to a close, we are highlighting the Franchise Owners of the Year for 2022, who were honored on the last night of Convention.

Here's what Katie Dills, The Cleaning Authority's Brand President had to say about Owner of the Year Jeff DeCoste:

"It is truly an honor to speak about this individual as he embodies everything, we all aspire to be – a committed father and husband, an encouraging and empathetic business coach, a wonderful employer, and an even more impressive entrepreneur and franchising partner for Authority Brands.

Before I announce our winner here, and invite him up to the stage, I’d like to acknowledge a few achievements –

The Brookfield Cleaning Authority office proudly celebrated 20 years in business in 2022. They closed out the year at just under $2.6M in revenue which represents 22% revenue growth over 2021. They had over 750 customers representing 15% customer growth and consistently achieves our mark of excellence award representing top customer service and retention.

I’d like to share a few comments from fellow Franchise Owner and Business Coach, Chris Lanagan:

“Of the many things I admire about him, is his relentless positivity and unwavering perseverance. There are ups and downs in any business, but he simply refuses to let the tough times get in the way of growing his business. It's the kind of attitude that's both uplifting and contagious.”

I also secretly reached out to his manager, Jackie Hauke who shared:

He runs a great office because of one simple thing. He cares. He wants every employee to reach their fullest potential. I have truly enjoyed working with him over the many years and I simply cannot see myself being anywhere else. I am successful because of his faith in me."