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Advanced Software Specifically for Home Service Brands

Authority Brands equips all of our franchise owners with everything they need to stay ahead of the competition and keep their customers satisfied. We are proud to provide access to Successware, a fully integrated business management solution for home service business owners. The numerous features of this software help owners organize their workflow and reduce overall expenses by offering a variety of solutions to everyday problems. This all-in-one software allows owners to accomplish more with fewer staff while growing their business and increasing their revenue.

Access Successware on Mobile Devices

Another great benefit of Successware is that the features can be accessed on smart devices using the Successware Mobile application. Technicians are able to quickly access all the information they need without having to contact the field office. This also helps them stay organized with their service appointments and so much more.

Some benefits of Successware include:

Successware job summary on iPad
  • Scripted Call Taking – Having a call taking script can help improve closing ratios, resulting in more jobs and more profit. This feature allows owners to add new customers, search for existing ones, and schedule future jobs. They will also be able to create scripts for call takers, which will ensure they get all of the necessary information in an efficient manner.
  • Callback Tracking – During the job creation process, owners are able to identify if an appointment is a callback or not. If so, they can run callback reports to learn more about previous appointments, such as which technicians are causing callbacks, the types of jobs they are for, and the amount of time and money they are losing on each. This helps owners make valuable business decisions about training and the strengths and weaknesses of their team.
  • Agreement Management – It can get tricky to manage maintenance agreements and guarantees. With this feature, owners can manage and keep track of these agreements easily. They can also make appointments, process billing, and renew any agreements.
  • Integrated Accounting –This feature saves time by eliminating the need for entering information into both a dispatching program and bookkeeping software. Users can view job profitability reports, company financial reports, and more!
  • Opportunity Management – Now, users can keep track of future potential sales easily. Often, a technician will notice things that may need attention later and make a note of them on an invoice. This feature will allow companies to more easily keep track of them—and follow up when necessary!
  • Sales Lead Tracking – Users are able to analyze the closing ratios of their sales team, customers that require follow-up calls, and additional information about previous sales calls. They can also monitor which salespeople are performing the best, why people aren’t scheduling services with their company, and more.
  • Tech Performance Tracking – Users can run reports to help better understand different areas of their business, including which of their technicians are providing the best return on investment. They’ll have immediate access to invaluable information about their business that will help them adjust operations and increase revenue!
  • Marketing Reports – All of the information users have about past customers can be used to market specifically to them. They can use these marketing reports to build lists to create letters, phone lists, and email marketing content.

Each of the above benefits is focused on meeting the specific needs of home service providers, both for our franchise owners and independent contractors.

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