Successware: A Complete Business Management Solution

Successware, a member of the Authority Brands family, was founded in 1994 as a contractor-owned company offering a complete software solution for residential contractors. Today, Successware offers complete business management solutions for the home service industry that provides the tools you need to better manage and grow your business. With a fully integrated back-office software platform and mobile application, the solution can meet the specific needs of home services companies like yours.​

The Successware integrated accounting system provides one of the key differentiators in the market. This solution allows you to look at the day-to-day operational data of your business and evaluate that information with revenue data included, helping you see a complete picture of your business and where it is headed. All your finances, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card account management, income statements, and balance sheets, are managed within Successware. You can read more about the integrated accounting system here.

As a home service professional, you know selling service agreements is key to building a solid customer base and guarantees​ continued business. Successware has powerful tools for managing agreements from both the operational and accounting side. Using the Agreement Manager tool, your team can perform the scheduling of visits, processing of periodic billings, and renewals with just a few clicks.

Successware also makes building marketing campaigns easier. Your team can leverage every piece of customer data in Successware to market to clients. Whether your campaigns are based on equipment age, history of repairs, or advertising that customers have responded to in the past, you can create specialized campaigns for those customers. Use Marketing List​ Management Reports to create form letters, phone lists, and even email marketing content specifically tailored to your customers, resulting in higher closing rates and additional revenue.​​

Successware also has many other valuable components including:​​

  • Complete dispatch and customer management
  • Sales lead tracking
  • Callback tracking
  • Technician and company-level performance reporting
  • Sales estimate job tracking
  • Purchase order and inventory management
  • Opportunity management

Successware Mobile

The Successware Mobile application launched in July 2020 to help clients run their businesses more efficiently while improving overall customer satisfaction levels and increasing sales by enabling technician access to key customer data while in the field.

To make your technicians more efficient, the app includes valuable features like multiple device notifications, sales presentation tools, remote timecard management, agreement sales and management, paperless invoicing, a mobile pricebook, and much more.

The first thing your technicians see after logging in to Successware Mobile is their personalized homepage: a one-stop-shop that enables them to see more information about a job and get more done. It features, “just-in-time” assignment information, real-time updates from Dispatch (customer confirmations, changes, and cancellations), customer contact information, location navigation, and current job description. The homepage also includes a personalized scoreboard so your technicians can easily track their revenue progress for the day, week, month, and year-to-date.

Technicians can use the app to capture photos and videos to record onsite issues, installation progress, and "before and after" comparisons. They can also use the media feature to store job-related documents. Best of all, media files are organized by job for easy access.

Successware offers comprehensive technician training for the app’s user-friendly, intuitive interface, making technician onboarding and retention easier. Your technicians can be fully trained on Successware Mobile in about two hours. Detailed views of the job, the customer, the physical location, and equipment are all at the technician’s fingertips.

In February 2021, Successware released new features in the mobile app to enhance your technicians' ability to close more sales and increase average ticket sizes: Customized Forms, Multiple Selling Options, and Integrated Financing.

The Customized Forms feature allows you to create and configure specialized forms that your technicians can deploy in the field. The design tool has a robust selection of input types, so you have the freedom to build any style or manner of form you need, including membership forms, inspection reports, service agreements, customer surveys, and more. Digital forms are a more efficient process for you to grow your business.

With the Multiple Selling Options tool, technicians can increase their average ticket size by providing homeowners with a view of various equipment options to choose from when completing a job. This tool makes the presentation process easier and more efficient as they can easily build custom options for each customer digitally on the jobsite and then plainly present the value (pros and cons) of the various choices. Using a tiered approach helps your customers feel more empowered in the sales process, leading them to make better-informed decisions.

The third new feature, Integrated Financing, allows a homeowner to apply for financing quickly and easily directly through the app. Powered by partnerships with Ally Lending, GreenSky, and Synchrony, this tool provides an integrated approach to consumer financing that can help your customers pay for costly but necessary equipment repairs and replacements. The tool makes financing options easier for the homeowner to understand and simplifies the credit application procedure. The entire process can be executed on the job, allowing technicians to immediately collect payment.

The Successware Mobile app ensures your technicians arrive at the jobsite confident and prepared.

Successware offers top-notch customer support, all-in-one backoffice software, and state-of-the-art mobile app, Successware can help you increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, and ease the stress of managing your business. If you are not a current Successware customer and would like to learn more, call 888-272-8009, visit, or request a live demo.