Families in Franchising

Julie Rastogi & Puja Lal

Nothing is stronger than a family bond, and these franchise owners know it! Julie Rastogi and Puja Lal made the decision to go into business together. They brought Peeyush, Puja’s husband and Julie’s brother, into the business along with Peeyush and Julie’s sibling Prashant. As a family, they combine their skills and experience to manage a Homewatch CareGivers location in Morris, New Jersey.

Lal and Rastogi both understand the basics of running their own business—Lal owns a Jersey City restaurant that serves contemporary Indian cuisine, and Rastogi runs a boutique she opened in Denville, New Jersey. Then to top off their skill set, Peeyush has IT skills and Prashant is great with managing details. A great combination of skills made this family able to cultivate their new business adventure.

Both Lal and Rastogi are excited to hire and train caregivers that share and believe in their vision to provide the highest quality service with integrity and compassion to the community. Rastogi, Lal and other Homewatch CareGivers franchisees benefit from our integration of vision with process.

Family leverages collective experience launching home care business (homewatchcaregivers.com)

Ray Eaton

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceRay Eaton knew it was time for a career change, so he left the corporate world and found the change he wanted in Homewatch CareGivers. In 2013 the Eaton family moved to Florida and opened Homewatch CareGivers of Jacksonville. He and his wife, Mary, who has been special education teacher for years, have always had a passion for helping people in any way possible. Their son Brent is also involved in the business.

Ray says that having his wife and son there to work and support their franchise provided him with a true family business. Ray and Brent won the “Enhancing Quality Care One Hour at a Time” award at the Homewatch CareGivers’ annual conference and awards ceremony in Boulder, Colorado. This award recognized them for over 10,000 additional caregiving hours year-over-year with a compassionate, knowledgeable, and thoughtful approach to care.

The Eaton family says that they are blessed to be able to have a vital impact on the people in their community, and strengthen the bond they share as a family. Homewatch CareGivers of Jacksonville will continue to take care of seniors and people of all ages to allow them to stay where they want to be the most – home.

Jacksonville franchisee follows his true passion with Homewatch CareGivers

Jim Nacchia

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceJim’s experience searching for care for his own mother led him to open Homewatch CareGivers of Wilmington, Delaware. This turned into a family business as Jim operates his location with his wife and two sons.

Through his personal experience and the guidance of Authority Brands, Jim was able to successfully set up his family’s business. Grateful that he will be able to one day leave behind a legacy for children, Jim is satisfied that his company will be helping others. After finding home care for their mother, Jim and his siblings were able to step back into the role of children rather than caregivers.

Homewatch CareGivers now provides Jim and his family with opportunities to allow children and spouses the chance to preserve a loved one’s quality of life. Jim knows first-hand what this means for families and can’t wait to continue impacting his community in a positive light.

Franchisee Turns Personal Experience Into Legacy Business (homewatchcaregivers.com)

Anzor Gachechiladze

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceFor over a decade, Anzor Gachechiladze and his wife Kimberly Flair have run Homewatch CareGivers of the Triangle (Chapel Hill, Cary and Raleigh) in North Carolina. Helping run the business are their daughters Stephanie and Leslie, and Kim’s sister Krista.

Originally from the country Georgia, Anzor had a previous career building military planes. Although he has a different background compared to other Homewatch CareGivers franchisees, Anzor runs a successful senior care business. His method is to take care of his clients and caregivers as if they were members of his family. This dedication to his staff has developed extremely loyal caregivers.

Both Anzor and Stephanie collaborate with other franchise owners and work closely with Authority Brands to achieve outstanding results. Working with their family, Anzor and Kimberly’s Homewatch CareGivers locations have helped more than 2,200 residents in their area. They are building a legacy for their children with a business that gives quality and compassionate care to people who need home care services. They are valued members of the Homewatch CareGivers system.

15 Years of Success for Family-Run Business (homewatchcaregivers.com)