BuyMax: A Group-Purchasing Organization with Unbeatable Buying Power

BuyMax is a membership-based, strategic sourcing, and private label organization. Its focus is to maximize its members' bottom line and help grow their business by identifying best-fit vendors and products, negotiating pricing on their behalf, and bringing them best-in-class deals. As a member of the Authority Brands family, BuyMax is positioned as a leader in the industry and supports contractors in the home services fields.

BuyMax puts the buying clout of the biggest corporations in its members' hands to provide them with $1 billion in buying power, network opportunities with fellow contractors, and business education to make them even more successful.

BuyMax delivers access to quality products and services at the best possible price from vetted vendors and suppliers. Members also have access to high-quality private label items like smoke detectors and air purification systems. Members have the option to imprint their logos on the products they buy, so when they're installed in customers' homes, it furthers their brand footprint and increases brand loyalty.

Members also have access to BuyMax's exclusive Preferred Vendor Profile of 175+ national vendors. This allows members exclusive pricing, rebates, and offers in the following categories: consumer financing, equipment and distributors, human resources, marketing partners, apparel, and more.

BuyMax Services

Additionally, BuyMax offers scalable services to its members to provide them with maximum options to grow their business. These services include BuyMax Fleet, Communications, and its Insurance Program.

BuyMax Fleet Solutions is a flexible discounted one-stop-shop for all fleet needs, which can be scaled to business growth. Businesses can utilize services à-la-carte, including vehicle acquisition, rebated fuel cards, maintenance discounts, GPS technologies, and even vehicle disposal services.

BuyMax Communicationspartners with 150+ vendors who provide expertise in examining current resources, advising best-fit hardware, software, and cloud communications, and supporting go-to-market competitive solutions for wireless mobility, internet access, carrier services, VOIP phone systems, contact center technology, and live answering services.

Also, BuyMax recently unveiled its new Insurance Program, which is a part of the brand's greater vision to make business sourcing as easy as possible. Through a panel of preferred brokers, BuyMax will offer various insurance options, from business to medical, and provide customized policies for new or renewed services.

With the help of BuyMax's offerings, this year is sure to be the best year yet for your business. Learn more about BuyMax and its services by visiting, calling (866) 936-6622, or emailing