Greg Atwell: Mosquito Squad's Franchise Owner of the Year 2022

Authority Brands' 2023 Convention brought all of our brands together in one place to learn, grow, and celebrate. As the year winds to a close, we are highlighting the Franchise Owners of the Year for 2022, who were honored on the last night of Convention.

Here's what Jef Flournoy, Brand President of Mosquito Squad had to say about Owner of the Year Greg Atwell :

"In an industry that thrives on entrepreneurship and the spirit of partnership, this year's recipient has set an exemplary standard. He has not only created a thriving business but has also shared the wealth of knowledge throughout Authority Brands.

His visionary leadership, unwavering commitment to quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence has not only propelled his franchise forward but has also elevated the entire system. This individual has shown us that the franchising model, when executed with integrity and creativity, can be a powerful force for economic growth and job creation.

In a time when adaptability and resilience are crucial, our Franchisee of the Year has displayed the ability to navigate challenges, adapt to changing market dynamics, and continue to drive success. Their dedication to the success of their fellow franchisees is evident in the countless stories of individuals who have realized their dreams through his mentorship.

This award is not just a recognition of past achievements but a testament to the bright future of the location under his guidance. It serves as an inspiration for all of us in the business world, highlighting the potential for growth, innovation, and collaboration that franchising offers.

His journey exemplifies the true spirit of entrepreneurship, partnership, and success in the world of franchising. Thank you for your outstanding contributions, including serving on our FAC and we look forward to witnessing your continued impact on the brand. So, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating and honoring Greg Atwell of El Paso/Las Cruces as the Franchisee of the Year."