Sebaot & Teferi Dejene: Woofie's Franchise Owners of the Year 2022

Authority Brands' 2023 Convention brought all of our brands together in one place to learn, grow, and celebrate. As the year winds to a close, we are highlighting the Franchise Owners of the Year for 2022, who were honored on the last night of Convention.

Here's what Amy Addington, Brand President of Woofie's had to say about Owners of the Year Sebaot & Teferi Dejene:

"This past September Woofie’s celebrated it’s 19th year in business. My fellow co-founder Leslie Barron and I quit our corporate jobs back in 2004 so we could start Woofie’s. In those early days we were walking dogs 7 days a week from morning until night and on every holiday. We were exhausted but we truly loved what we were doing and we knew we were building something special.

One of our earliest clients was a wonderful couple named Teferi and Sebaot who had 2 adorable labs named Prince and Duke. We took care of their pups for many years and we built a great relationship with them as clients. They are truly 2 of the kindest, most generous people you will ever meet and we couldn’t have asked for better clients.

When they approached us in 2019 about owning a Woofie’s franchise, we were so honored. To have a longtime Woofie’s client want to build their own Woofie’s was the best compliment we could have ever received. They started their Woofie’s in late 2019 and then they had to deal with one of the worst business climates ever with the onset of Covid just a few months later. They could have given up in those very bleak early days but they always remained positive and resilient.

Over the past few years, Teferi and Sebaot have built an incredible business. They have increased their revenues by 900%, they expanded their territory, they have grown their fleet to 4 mobile pet spa vans, built up a great reputation in their local community and they have a very loyal team of people working for them. They are always willing to share their time and knowledge with our new franchisees as well as franchise candidates. They frequently host their own fundraisers and they are always the first ones to attend all of our local events in Ashburn. They have really embraced the spirit of the woofie’s culture of giving back and they have truly embraced the woofie’s mission statement of ensuring every customer experience is an exceptional one.

Thank you Teferi and Sebaot for making the leap from client to franchise partner, to serving as an incredible Woofie’s brand ambassador and setting a great example as a Woofie’s owner. I am so honored to award this Woofie’s Franchisee of the Year award to Sebaot who is also accepting on behalf of Teferi. It is a privilege to know you as a client, a franchise partner and a friend. Congratulations!"